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Pallet Rack

     Welcome to our Pallet Rack website. Here you will find the 
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Beams: Tear Drop
     All beams feature a built in safety clip which helps prevent
the beam from detaching from the upright. Beams are 
interchangeable with most major pallet rack Manufacturers

                       96'' x 4'' 4,000lb Capcity: $16.00
                          108'' x 5'' 5,300lb Capcity: $20.00
                          144'' x 5'' 5,30olb Capcity: $29.00
Frames / Uprights
     Frames two posts, bracing and footplates. Uprights are
offered in tear drop style. All uprights are cold rolled-formed
using 50,000psi minimum yield steel. These uprights have been
designed to meet RMI standards.

                      144'' x 42'' 20,930lb capacity: $54.00
                           192'' x 42'' 20,930lb capacity: $69.00
Wire Decking: